Organizations and Employees

Growing a business – whether you’re a start-up or a large enterprise – requires a growth mindset and a thriving learning culture.

We know that business strategies alone aren’t enough to succeed. And to be a high-performing corporation, you must equip your leaders to stay engaged, inspired and motivated to develop themselves and their teams. I’ll provide the tools and guidance needed to train and inspire employees, and, together, we’ll develop the strategies it takes to attract, develop and retain the best talent possible.

Eileen was someone who made an impact very quickly in our organization. She was able to capture very accurately what employees, leadership and the business was asking for and formulate an actionable learning plan. Eileen’s strength was that she was able to conceptualize, build and deliver the training which allowed for an immediate impact.
— Maya Kalkay, Global Chief People Officer at Grimshaw

Employee Engagement & Culture


According to Gallup, 85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work.

Employees are engaged when they understand the vision and goals of their company, feel valued, trust their leaders and receive development opportunities. Working together, our goal is not to shape your organization after an existing model of success, but to help you create a thoroughly unique culture that honors your values, goals and brand. EMTconnects brings outside perspective and extensive experience to your talent and training challenges.

EMTconnects is an authorized partner of Engagement Multiplier®, which will help you carefully and accurately measure your company’s level of employee engagement. Then, we’ll work side-by-side with your leaders to map your journey to becoming an Engaged Organization™ and form genuine relationships with their teams.  The process gets your employees involved immediately, reveals new insights that will inspire you and brings transparency across the organization.

Eileen would be an asset to any organization that is looking to improve morale, engage associates, and build trust across the organization ultimately leading to a strong team that is achieving corporate goals and producing bottom line results.
— Eva Kohn, EVP and Chief Revenue Officer at CBA Industries

Talent & Performance

To win the war on talent, you must attract, understand, engage, develop and retain the best people possible. But where do you start? By working with EMTconnects to develop a talent growth strategy, you’ll engage and excite your employees at every stage of your collective journey.


Organization-wide competency mapping:

By revamping a current model or creating a new one, we will clearly address the requirements for success within your company. Once in place, the talent management model becomes a tool that leads to great talent assessment during the pre and post-hire stages. Our process demands engagement from your senior team so your model will get the ROI you expect and deserve.

Skills gap assessment:

Using a combination of focused interviews across the organization, a review of the existing competency structure and performance process history, we will evaluate the components your company needs to succeed.


To guide your recruitment, we will design and put in place the tools to train hiring managers and evaluate potential employees.



The process isn’t over once the hire is in place. Work with EMTconnects to facilitate performance discussions, development planning, coaching and training opportunities.

Development & Training

A training program often gets met with resistance. Too much time, too little ROI. So, it’s time to re-think your approach.

According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Learning Report, “training for soft skills” was identified as the #1 priority for talent development in 2018.

Soft skill training is in increasingly high demand. Schedule interactive workshops to develop leadership and team skills in areas like self-awareness, communication styles, presentation training, building your brand and effective networking.

Additionally, I am certified to lead emotional intelligence and diversity sessions. These will equip you with the knowledge and tools to deal with others across lines of difference – which often trigger powerful responses and require emotional intelligence to manage. Interactive sessions take you on a journey to:

· Explore self-awareness and your own biases

· Understand your emotions and reactions, and become a change master for yourself

· Grasp cultural reasons behind behavior and understanding the benefits and limitations of norms

Through this, we will ultimately develop the ability to consciously and intentionally structure relationships and environments that work for everyone.   

Whether you’re a new manager or a seasoned executive, leadership development training is an essential component of any professional path. EMTconnects can help with modules and custom content for managing your time, delegation and motivation, performance management and development, team effectiveness, influence and impact, coaching, and leading change.

From design to implementation, Eileen partners with her clients to understand the organization’s needs and build effective strategies around leadership development, communication, organizational effectiveness, and engagement. I’ve seen first-hand how she leads a team through projects of varied scope, multiple stakeholders, and diverse complexities.
— Consultant partner