Individual Development

How do you want to grow as an individual? In your personal life? In your career? Both?

You deserve a clear vision of your goals and the confidence to achieve them. Let’s work together to explore your personal and professional trajectory, identify your blind spots and get you out from behind them. As you move forward with an enhanced mindset and tailor-made action plan, you’ll find there’s no shortage of opportunity to learn and grow!

Before beginning a coaching journey with a client, it is important to determine if we have a mutual fit and respect of my guiding principles. Clients I work with should have an interest and willingness to learn and grow, be honest and forthcoming, follow agreed timelines and commitments, always do your best and enjoy the journey! Each client will benefit from a customized journey that can take place in person, virtually, or in a combination that best suits you.


·        increased self-confidence and esteem

·        improved communication skills

·        more connected relationships

·        stronger visions of your life’s possibilities

None of us have reached our full potential – myself included! Personally, my daily growth starts with the three Cs: a choice to be happy and grateful, couch time to visualize my day and journal, and, of course, coffee! I practice digging below the surface to analyze and understand my beliefs, experiences, behaviors and barriers. This daily habit has increased my self-awareness, emotional intelligence, ability to hear others more deeply and lead others in an authentic way. 

As my trusted career coach for the past 15 years, Eileen has helped me set clear objectives, kept me accountable to my growth and provide resources to bolster my development. To grow professionally as a consultant, Eileen has helped me map my value proposition and successfully integrate into existing corporate structures, so we find mutual success.
— Adrian Smith, Strategic Client Engagement Champion

Accountability Coaching

Do you have a BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal)? Or do you just have a lot to accomplish in 2019? Take your first steps by partnering with me for accountability. As your coach, we can create a roadmap and help you cross one or more of these off of your list – and have fun in the process!


·           Change careers

·           Save money

·           Start a business

·           Lose weight

·           Quit smoking

·           Plan a large event

·           Learn a new skill

Can you achieve these things by yourself? Of course. But why would you want to? Consider me the newest member of your network. We’ll break down your goal into manageable pieces, set a process – including deadlines – for success, and I’ll help you stick with them. We’ll also look at how you can use your network – including me – to make it happen. It takes a village!