Dynamic Events

Let’s add spark and spirit to your next or first event! Whether you’re planning a panel, workshop or conference, we’ll start with the concept that aligns to your goals and build each element of your event with specific purpose. We’ll bring your brand and character directly to your attendees, a gift that keeps them wanting more.

Whether you’re planning an event for a small leadership group or thousands of attendees, you’ll need a X that will Our first step together will be to ask: “what do we want our attendees to get out of this event?” Once we determine this, I’ll help you:

·       Create an agenda

·       Book speakers

·       Develop and facilitate bespoke trainings


Most importantly, we’ll make sure your event is highly relevant for your goals and your attendees walk away with tools and inspiration that is immediately applicable.

A few thoughts from past participants at events designed and facilitated by Eileen:

·       It was very inspiring. I have never been to a networking event like this. I will certainly keep my eyes open in the future.

·       I now know that I am responsible for my career growth and need to know where I want to go.

·       I have to project confidence and turn my negatives into thinking of myself as badass!

·       The enthusiasm and engagement of everyone was fantastic and helped make this a great event.  Eileen is an incredible teacher and made practicing strategic networking loads of fun.

·       I have a re-energized purpose!

·       The speaker and the panel.  Just a fabulous job interacting with the crowd and adding a personal touch.

·       I learned how to move from a high performing employee to a leader


Words participants use to describe my previous events:

·       Empowering

·       Motivating

·       Dynamic and rewarding

·       Inspirational

·       Fun

·       Thought-provoking

·       Career-enabling

·       Friendly and interactive

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